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Diagonal Butterflyfish approaching a tasty morsel of coral. Found only in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, they have a yellow body with eleven diagonal stripes.

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Diagonal Butterflyfish

Scissortail Sergeant showing typical bravery and curiosity. They can be aggressive and territorial, especially during breeding.

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Scissortail Sergeant

Maldives Clownfish nestled amongst the tentacles of a Magnificent Sea Anemone. Maldives Clownfish are a rusty orange colour with a single white stripe.

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Maldives Clownfish

Phantom Bannerfish blending into soft brown corals within a reef crevice. The soft brown colouring aides their ability to hide amongst the corals like ghostly shadows.

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Phantom Bannerfish

Sunburst Butterflyfish skirting along the edges of the reef, its golden sunburst colour shining out against the deep blue, shadowed by a red-toothed triggerfish.

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Sunburst Butterflyfish

Blue-faced Angelfish with its beautiful blue face and yellow spots that extend from eye to eye. Blue-faced Angelfish have distinctive scales of blue with yellow margins.

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Blue-faced Angelfish

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Florescent Green Chromis nestled amongst the branches of an Acropora coral. Green Chromis are minute fishes, often only a few centimetres in length.

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Green Chromis

Aggregation of juvenile Domino Damselfish seeking protection within the tentacles of a Magnificent Sea Anemone.

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Domino Damselfish

Scribbled filefish, its name reflects the appearance that someone with artistic tendencies has scribbled bright blue ink all over this shy and elusive reef fish.

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Scribbled Filefish

Little Combtooth Blenny may appear small and defenceless but like most Blennies they are aggressive and ready to defend their territory against larger predators.

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Little Combtooth Blenny

Threespot Dascyllus hovering amongst the tentacles of a sea anemone. Threespot Dascyllus come in a range of colours from grey to soft black scales.

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3 spot Dascyllus

Yelloweye Filefish approaching the coral reef, ready to feast on the corals, its vibrant yellow eye and fins shining out from the muted reef colours.

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Yelloweye Filefish