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Wildlife photos, pictures of reef fishes
Wildlife Photos Online: Pictures of Reef Fishes

Royal Angelfish hovering perfectly still above a table coral cleaning station whilst a Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse feeds off its parasites.

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Reflected in the surface of the tranquil ocean surface, Sea Goldie flit amongst the branches of fire coral springing out from the upper reef slope.

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Sea Goldie

Common Clownfish (Ocellaris Clownfish) peeping out from amongst the safety of a magnificent sea anemone, made famous by the Disney film 'Finding Nemo'.

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Red Sea Bannerfish occupying a beautiful golden castle of fire corals. Red Sea Bannerfish are only found in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.

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Red Sea Bannerfish

Red Sea Clownfish swimming along the reef edge of the Red Sea. Clownfish habitually reside within sea anemones located on patch reefs or sheltered bays.

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Red Sea Clownfish

Meyers Butterflyfish as it hovers by a Table Coral, partially protected from the ocean currents. Meyers Butterflyfish prefer coral rich areas and lagoon reefs with clear waters as they feed exclusively on live coral.

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Meyers Butterflyfish

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Melon Butterflyfish swimming amongst the corals of a protected lagoon. Melon Butterflyfish generally swim in coral rich lagoons at depths up to 20 metres.

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Melon Butterflyfish

Generally inhabiting sandy lagoons and inshore reefs, Whitetail Damsels tend to hover near rock or coral outcrops, feeding mostly on algae.

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Whitetail Damsel

Broomtail Filefish peeping out from behind the corals. Broomtail filefish are the largest of the Filefish family, however they are still extremely shy.

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Broomtail Filefish

Blue-spotted Cornetfish lurking amongst the corals of a shallow reef. Blue-spotted Cornetfish use their long slender shape to hide amongst the corals.

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Smooth Cornetfish

Herringbone Butterflyfish feeding on a Mushroom Coral amongst a colourful array of hard corals. Herringbone Butterflyfish are found in the clear waters of fringing reefs.

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Herringbone Butterflyfish

Yellowhead Butterflyfish as it swoops in the feed amongst pink hued dead corals covered in barnacles. Yellowhead Butterflyfish feed on benthic algae and coral polyps.

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Yellowhead Butterflyfish