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Great egret perched upon a tree on the edge of the Kinabatangan river running through the Borneo rainforest. Great egrets feed in shallow water, often along the edges of rainforest rivers.

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Great Egret

Grey heron standing peacefully upon the rocks at in the crisp early morning light of daybreak as the waves gently undulate in the morning breeze.

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Grey Heron

Vibrant colours of an amber sunset. Beautiful yellow and orange hues create an amazing amber backdrop for the quiet poise of a grey heron.

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Cattle Egret poised ready for action, having espied a tasty butterfly amongst a swathe of yellow Ixora within a desert sparsely populated with flora and fauna.

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Butterfly Hunt

Great Egret perched in safety, high upon a lookout post, basking in the warm sunlight of the Borneo rainforest.

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Lookout Post

Grey heron standing on a Maldives island shoreline, gazing out across a stormy aquamarine sea, whilst waves crash against the rocks behind.

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Beware what lurks behind . . . close-up profile of a Grey Heron unaware of a black-tipped reef shark swimming within the shallows searching for prey.

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Grey Heron

Cattle Egret striding along along a trail through the Egyptian desert. Unlike most other herons, cattle egrets feed in relatively dry grassy habitats..

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Desert Trail

Great Egret in flight, its striking white plumage contrasting with the deep greens of the rainforest backdrop. Egrets in flight form a perfect horizontal spearhead.

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Egret in Flight

Intermediate egret standing atop a water buffalo. Also know as the yellow-billed egret, they are a resident breeder throughout Africa, southern Asia and Australia.

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Water Buffalo

Bad feather day ... Canvas print, photo poster of a Grey heron looking rather windblown by the tropical breeze on a maldives island seashore.

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Tropical Breeze

Intense concentration of a Little Heron stalking its prey. Beautiful blues and yellows blend into the soft brown colours of its feathers.

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