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Mystery and magic under the sea. Sea corals compete with the masterful images of Dali with complex coral reef structures stretching out through warm tropical waters.

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Coral Pictures

City of corals - sky-scapers, archways, under-reef subway systems - all combine to create a unique reef metropolis. Fire corals, leather coral, brain coral and soft corals .

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City of Corals

Coral garden layers cascading into the distance. A beautiful Staghorn coral grows upon a Table Coral providing respite to small fishes on the coral reef .

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Coral reef plateau, formed by Table Coral, stands out starkly from dead corals. A Brown Surgeonfish descends to feed upon the algae amongst the coral.

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Coral Plateau

Damselfish, Anthias and Lionfish flit amongst hard and soft corals. Colours, textures and lifeforms combine within the sea corals to create infinite diversity.

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Golden underwater castle created by fire coral ascending up through the reef, providing respite for a Freckled Hawkfish nestled amongst its turrets.

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Underwater Castle

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Table corals as they reach out across the reef, melding to form a beautiful coral archway, formations creating an ever-changing architectural marvel.

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Underwater Architecture

Sulphur Damsel swimming between varied textures of sea coral. Delicate strands of staghorn coral, chunky brain coral and uprising leather coral.

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Leather Coral springing out from the stony reef layers. Perched upon less distinctively shaped corals, it resembles a flower bursting forth from a sparsely covered field.

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leather coral

Lavender-blue hues creating a mystical effect on a beautiful Staghorn Coral, shining out from the reef. Staghorn Coral is a branching coral with cylindrical branches.

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Vibrantly coloured and muted hues of stony corals, forming a colourful structure on the reef. A lavender coral flower bursts out from amongst the softer hues.

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Stony Corals

Smaller corals springing forth from a dead stony reef structure, each new lifeform resembling a small flower, battling climate change and damage.

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