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Field of long grasses amongst which a Clipper Butterfly flits - its tiger like markings acting as camouflage.

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Clipper Butterfly

Malabar Tree Nymph perched upon a purple flower as it reaches out to extract nectar from within the flower petals.

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Malabar Tree Nymph

Emerald Peacock Swallowtail, showing the magical green florescence of its intensely green colouring. The iridescence is formed by pigments placed over a reflective mirror like structures.

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Emerald Peackock Swallowtail

Zebra Longwing Butterfly perched upon bright yellow Ixora, displaying how perfectly its white stripes mimic a zebra as it sips nectar from the flower.

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Zebra Longwing

Gatekeeper butterfly drawing nectar from the delicate flowers of a wild marjoram. Gatekeeper Butterflies prefer feeding on the edges of meadows and hedges.

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Common Postman butterfly perched upon a leaf, showing the beautiful pink stripe of the Postmans wings offset by the gentle pink hues of the flora behind.

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Postman Butterfly

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Scarlet Swallowtail reaching across cascading racemes of tropical scarlet flowers to extract nectar.

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Scarlett Swallowtail

Bright orange colours of a Tiger Longwing Butterfly shining out against the softly hued greens of the rainforest, its wings forming a beautiful v-shape.

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Tiger Longwing Butterfly

Long-tailed Blue Butterfly, hidden amongst an array of pink periwinkle. Minute but beautifully detailed, the Long-tailed Blue is one of the smallest of butterflies.

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Long-tailed Blue

Common Faun Butterfly perched upon a leaf in the rainforest. They prefer forested areas, usually staying near the ground in shady areas.

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Common Faun

Tree Nymph butterfly delicately grasping a rainforest twig. Their wings are semi-transparent white, sometimes slightly darkened with a powdering of black scales.

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Tree nymph Butterfly

Plain Tiger Butterfly extracting nectar from an Ixora flower. Widespread throughout Asia and Africa, the Plain Tiger Butterfly was featured in a 3500 year old Egyptian fresco in Luxor.

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Plain Tiger