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Atlantic Puffins are notable because of their amazingly colourful beaks. They develop their colourful bright orange bill each spring during the onset of the breeding season.

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Atlantic Puffin

Blue-eared Kingfisher Females are distinguished by their bright orange lower beak, the male blue-eared kingfishers have a pure black beak.

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Red Kite in Flight. Red Kites are striking to view because of their distinctive forked tail and beautiful markings against vivid chestnut red colouring.

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Red Kite in Flight

Purple Swamphen peeping out from amongst the pink lilies of a lily pond. Purple Swamphens prefer habitats near fresh water, such as ponds & streams.

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Purple Swamphen

Greylag Goose (also known as Wild Goose) ensconced amongst buttercups, daisies and other delicate wildflowers, enjoying the spring sunshine.

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Greylag Goose

Who me? . . . Mute Swans are one of the largest species of flying birds, appearing ungainly on land but totally at ease as they swim gracefully on ponds and rivers.

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Mute Swan

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Levant Sparrowhawks are small raptors with short broad wings and a longish tail, both features adaptations for manoeuvring through trees.

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Levant Sparrowhawk

Guillemot pair residing on a cliff face on the Isle of Skomer. Guillemots spend most of their lives at sea, returning to shore in the spring for breeding.

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Razorbill extending his wings in the spring sunshine. Razorbills only come to land for the breeding season forming into large colonies along coastal cliffs and rocky crevices.

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Print of an Oriental Pied Hornbill. Now which berry shall I eat next . . . Oriental Pied Hornbill ensconced within rainforest foliage, choosing the ripest berries.

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White-bellied Sea Eagle in flight (juvenile), swooping along the mangroves hunting for fish, displaying the beautifully intricate details of its juvenile colouring.

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White-bellied Sea Eagle

Canada Goose running up river as it takes off in flight. Canada Geese were introduced to the UK nearly 300 years ago and thrive throughout the UK.

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Canada Goose