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Close-up portrait featuring the beautifully expressive eyes of a baby Orangutan as he dangles from the branches of a tree in the Borneo rainforest.

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A Dusky leaf monkey munches on a tasty young leaf displaying less than perfect teeth as it feeds with hearty gusto on a Parinari (Sea Bean Tree).

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Dusky Leaf Monkey

Young Foal grazing amongst the buttercrups and long grasses in the perfect spring setting of Cors Caron, an ancient wetland and peat bog in South Wales.

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Giant Fruit Bat feeding from the nectar of a tropical flower on a Maldives Island. Fruit bats are part of the mega bat family, unlike micro bats, they feed during the day.

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long tailed macaque

Borneo Pygmy Elephant Cow (female), taken in the early evening light, feeding in the Borneo rainforest along the edge of the Kinabatangan River.

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Borneo Pygmy Elephant

Colugo (also known as Sunda Flying Lemur) with a baby peering out from its mothers pouch, curiously surveying the world below whilst still safely tucked away.

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Flying Lemur (colugo)

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Changeable Lizard peeping up through leaves on a coral seashore. Changeable Lizards are able to change colour, perfectly blending into their surroundings.

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Changeable Lizard

Proboscis Monkey stretched out on a branch of a tree in the Borneo rainforest, reaching precariously for a tender leaf to eat as the branch sags under its weight.

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Proboscis Monkey

Long-tailed Macaques mating on a muddy bank on the edge of the rainforest. The female appears completely unimpressed as she continues to munch on her fruit.

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long tailed macaque

Baby Orangutan gazing with intense concentration at a piece of fruit, presumably attempting to decide whether it will make a tasty treat.

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Welsh pony standing amongst bluebells strewn over the coastline cliffs, whilst another pony enjoys the spartan shade provided by a stunted windblown shrub.

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Welsh Pony

The teddy bear like appearance of a giant squirrel (Ratufa indica) is accentuated as it leans over a branch munching contently on its food.

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Giant Squirrel